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Alien Ambush

Here is your chance to take on hundreds of alien spaceship and blow them up one by one
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25 September 2008

Editor's review

Alien Ambush 1.0 is a shooting game in offering from Free Kids Game - a known provider of free small scale video game titles. As with most of the titles rolled out by FKG, Alien Ambush also seems to be more or less targeted at the children of young age - especially if we consider how easy it is to score and defeat the artificial intelligence in the game.

Yes, it is one of those games in which you would win anyway even if you play terribly. The game has witnessed an average success rate so far, but from our perspective, its too easy to play and hence can hardly sustain a regular gamers’ interest for more than a few minutes. Being targeted primarily at the younger population, Alien Ambush 1.0 sports a pretty basic graphics, and the same goes with the soundtrack which tends to be painfully monotonous. The main idea behind the game is to shoot down as many alien ships as possible for a five year old. Yes, the alien ships are more or less like sitting ducks waiting to be shot at by the advanced and powerful space ship used by the player. It does not matter how bad you are in video games, but you will eventually get through one stage after another without facing too much of difficulties. So, based on that experience, we assume it can be a fun game only for children. But hey, they are the ones whom the game was originally designed for, right? So, it will be really unfair to write off FKG like that!

Judging by the facts that it’s too easy to play and hence, has been mostly popular amongst children only, Alien Ambush 1.0 receives a score of two rating points on the scale of five and its developers do need to work on its graphics.

Publisher's description

Here is your chance to take on hundreds of alien spaceship and blow them up one by one. They stand no chance against your immense firepower and self-confidence. Besides that, your spaceship is far more maneuverable and faster than all the alien spaceships together. Alien Ambush free kids game is your chance to have some fun shooting down aliens like they were sitting ducks. It shouldn´t be too hard to stay away from alien missiles because you are faster and better equipped. All you need it so download it now, it is a full version and totally free, and start having fun!
Alien Ambush
Alien Ambush
Version 1.0
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